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More opening days in Hafjell Bike Park

Hafjell Bike Park will also be open 25-29. of august.
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Hafjell Skill Center opens June 2014

The Skill Center is located at the top of the Gondola and it is specifically designed for technique training, and perfect a tool for helping our customers become better riders. The area consists of jumps, berms, flat corners, drops, different size rollers and more. This will provide a perfect setting for developing a rider’s technical bike handling skill. The Skill Center will open in June 2014.
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Hafjell Bike Park opens 14th of June

After a long winter the snowpack is melting rapidly and the bike trails are starting to appear again. Opening weekend 14th and 15th of June 2014!
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Explore the snow park

Hafjell is known to have one of the best snow parks in Norway hosting big events and making a playground for ski and snowboarders at all levels
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